Beef bouillon
4,90 €

Fruity tomato consommé with meat cam and vegetables
5,50 €

Sweet potato soup with thai shrimp
5,90 €


Three variations of bruschetta with olive-panade, tomato, mango and a colorful side salad
6,90 €

Fresh figs with parma ham and rocket salad
7,80 €


Summer mixed salad with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
5,90 €

optional with
fried shrimps 9,50 €
turkey stripes 8,50 €
Feta cheese and dried tomatoes 7,50 €

All salads are served with bread and one of the following dressings:
yoghurt-dressing, raspberry-dressing, balsamico-dressing

Typical westphalian

"Westfälischer Wurstsalat"
Sausage salad with pickled cucumbers, onions and fresh herbs to Soester pumpernickel
8,90 €

"Westfälisches Krüstchen"
Baked veal on roasted brown bread with fried egg and salad
12,90 €

Main dishes

Fried napkin dumplings with forrest mushroom ragout
8,90 €

Homemade pappardelle (pasta) with dried tomatoes and spinach, served with pine nuts
and fresh Grana padano
10,80 €

Corn chicken breast on mango spinach salad and risotto
16,90 €

Pork medaillons on fruity spicy tomato sugo and fried potatoes
15,80 €

Veal cutlet with lemon and parsley served with french fries and mixed salad
18,90 €

Grilled salmon fillet in sesame herb crust with colorful wok vegetables and butter rice
18,50 €

Rump steak from the argentinian willow bark (300g) served with small potatoes, mixed salad
23,90 €

You want an extra side dish or sauce?

French fries 2,80 €
Fried potatoes 3,50 €
Croquettes 2,80 €
Potatoes 2,80 €
Small side salad 3,50 €
Vegetables 3,50 €
Pepper sauce 3,00 €
Mushroom cream sauce 3,00 €
Homemade hollandaise sauce 3,50 €


Homemade crêpe with mango sorbet and fresh mint
4,50 €

Susato plate
Dessert on the style of the house
5,90 €

French cheese variation with fig mustard and Soester pumpernickel
7,90 €