Conference rooms

summary of meeting rooms

For a conference or seminar our meeting rooms are equipped with ssophisticated interior and modern technology. The seats is done as you requested.

Willi Hendker room

area: 25,00 m²
ca. 16 persons

Karl Arnold room

area: 31,5 m²
ca. 20 persons


The rooms "Willi Hendker" and "Karl Arnold" can be booked together.

It's possible to divide them with a mobile wall into 2 meeting rooms.

area: 56,5 m²
max. 58 persons

Franz Stock room

area: 40,00 m²
max. 40 persons

Ball room Adolph Kolping

area 252,0 m²
max.   320 persons (theatre style); ca. 160 persons (round tables)

separated in:

Ball room Adolph Kolping I
Ball room Adolph Kolping II

area: 126,00 m² each
max.    80 persons (round tables) each